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Closing and Opening dates for Embroidery Shop during the festive season

Another year has gone by so quickly and theĀ festive season is upon us yet again.

Thank you for your loyal support. We look forward to continue our valued relationship with you in 2015. We will be closing for the festive season on Friday the 12th of December 2014 and re-opening on Wednesday the 5th of January 2015.

Please see dates below for placing and accepting of orders for 2014.12.01

Last day for orders over 100 units`08 December 2014 (Monday)
Last day for orders under 50 units`10 December 2014 (Wednesday)
Last day for order of garments`08 December 2014

Festive Season Annual Closing Dates

Festive Season

We will be closed from 17th December 2012 and re-opening on the 7th January 2013.